Adidas AG Adidas Clothing and Accessories A world renowned sporting giant, Adidas supply elite and amateur athletes of nearly every sport in the world with the tools and equipment they need. With a fascinating history about two brothers in competition to succeed, Adidas clothing and accessories was born in 1949. A coincidental name, which created the acronym All Day I Dream About Sport, sums up the values behind the brand. With the natural extension to meet the demands of the action sports market, the company’s clothing and accessories lines are now well respected on the slopes, street and beach with their top performing product line. Whilst supporting the world’s top athletes in a number of disciplines, Adidas has the experience, knowledge, technical expertise to ensure that they are always producing sporting products at the top of anyone’s game.

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Маратонки Adidas Superstar W S76155

200.00лв. 99.00лв.

Маратонки Аdidas Tubular Viral W AQ6302

220.00лв. 99.00лв.

Мъжко яке ADIDAS

170.00лв. 136.00лв.

Яке Adidas Stella McCartney INTENSE GREEN

180.00лв. 144.00лв.

Яке Adidas NEO baseball jacket S26708

160.00лв. 128.00лв.

Дамски кецове ADIDAS

120.00лв. 99.00лв.

Къси елегантни панталонки ADIDAS- бежови

120.00лв. 40.00лв.

Дамски боти Adidas SLVR

200.00лв. 70.00лв.

Дамски боти Adidas SLVR-Blue

200.00лв. 70.00лв.