Facton Ltd. G-Star Clothing and Accessories Since 1989 G-Star has been all about the denim which is reaffirmed in their stated philosophy of ’Just the Product’. Launching innovative products and ideas in all aspects of denim clothing design has thrown G-Star to the very forefront of denim wear and their continued innovation keeps them there. Not that they’re resting on their Laurels. G-Star are ever evolving collections with an almost limitless array of denim washes, colours, material types and treatments as well as new shapes and cuts. Keeping the denim material at the heart of their collection means the designers have to work hard to create their ranges with a view to framing the core pieces. It’s not an easy task but season after season, and range after range the collections are some of the most highly sought after luxury and everyday denim clothing sets in the industry.

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Странична лента
Покажи 9 24 36

Дънкови къси панталони G-star-9

150.00лв. 71.00лв.

Дънкови къси панталони G-star-8

140.00лв. 66.00лв.

Дънкови къси панталони G-star-6

170.00лв. 74.00лв.

Дънкови къси панталони G-star-3

155.00лв. 72.00лв.

Дънкови къси панталони G-star-1

140.00лв. 65.00лв.

Тениска G-Star Raw by Marc Newson

180.00лв. 69.00лв.

Яке G-STAR RAW Hamzer Nylon Biker

310.00лв. 130.00лв.

Дамски дънки G-star RAW for the Oceans – Type C 3D Low Boyfriend Jeans

360.00лв. 288.00лв.